Overscaig House Hotel Overscaig House Hotel, North Highlands, Scotland


North West Sutherland - mountains, moorland, lochs and waterfalls.
The area is full of natural wonders and has an unrivalled remoteness and beauty. As you travel the roads and explore the landscape on foot you will be amazed by the wildlife, the panoramic views and the historical richness of this corner of Scotland.

Birdwatching, climbing, history and archaeology or sporting pastimes such as golf, sailing, fishing and shooting - all are available within a short drive from the hotel. To see a comprehensive list of the Countryside Ranger guided activities in the Caithness and Sutherland area click here

Use the links on the right, try our Activities pages or click through to the North Highlands Scotland web-site - "Pleasue in the Extreme" to find out more. Alternatively, try the Scottish Natural Heritage site for the North Highlands.

The Northern Highlands have more than just outdoor pursuits. Why not go on the "Studio Trail" and see the best of Sutherland's galleries and artist studios - ceramics, paintings, sculpture. Click on this link to visit the Northings web-site - art & culture in the Highlands.

Visiting the Highland whisky distilleries can give you a real taste of the Highlands - most have visitor centres where you can see the distillery at work and even get a sample! - click here to find out where they are.

For book lovers there is the Ullapool Book Festival in May - click here for details. Alternatively visit the Loch Croispol Bookshop in Durness - the most north-westerly bookshop and you can have a snack while you are deciding which book to buy. Alternatively, feast on the excellent chocolate available at Cocoa Mountain.

Finally, some people go on holiday to see the beauty in the landscape or to taste the wonders of all the local flavours in food and drink, others want to see tools! Yes, tools. In Lairg there is one of the finest craftsmen, Karl Holtey, making classic handplanes for woodworking. Have a look at Karl's web-site here.